On behalf of Coakley & Williams Construction, I would like to sincerely thank Frederick County Office of Permitting and Inspections for a great experience building in Frederick County.  Frederick County’s Fast-Track Permit Process streamlined our ability to achieve various building permits and process subcontractor and trade permits as well as saved precious time by expediting these approvals. Frederick County clearly understands the challenges of bringing a complicated, fast-track project to market and worked side-by-side with the Coakley & Williams Construction team to ensure all stakeholders understood what was required to make the permit and inspection process a success.

Jason Shaw, Senior Project Manager Kite Pharma

Frederick is a vibrant community that offers many benefits for AOPA and our employees.  Being a center of arts, culture, commerce and government, Frederick is a great place to live and work.  The highly rated schools and thriving culture encourage our growing workforce to remain or relocate to Frederick.  AOPA’s headquarters is based in Frederick because of its airport and the close proximity to Washington D.C., where AOPA does a significant amount of advocacy work with all levels of the Federal government.

Greg Cohen, Human Resources Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Frederick County made opening & operating a successful family run farm/tourism business a reality. Frederick is a great place to live, work, invest, and to visit. Springfield Manor Winery & Distillery attracts guests from many other states and counties, as a thriving Country Inn/Event Venue, Winery & Distillery, lavender market, and operating farm. 

Amie & John St. Angelo, Owners Springfield Manor Winery & Distillery

“We love beautiful historic downtown Frederick. Our government and corporate customers love to visit us because it feels like a field trip. Our employees love being here because they can leave their cars parked and walk to great restaurants and shops at lunch. And many of us like to clear our heads with a run through Baker Park, or fuel our creativity with a stroll through the historic architecture.”

Scott Ryser, Founder & CEO Yakabod

All of us at Kempbio feel very fortunate to be located in Frederick County mainly because we live here and I for one have felt the pain associated with a commute down I-270.  As a small private family owned business we have benefited directly from the willingness and ability of the commercial banking, real estate and local goverment agencies to form relationships with our company.  That is something that I never experienced when we were located for a brief time in 1992 in a county to the south.  Frederick County is our home and it is a great place for a business to thrive. 

Chris Kemp, CEO Kempbio

No brewery has moved operations across the country like Flying Dog did almost 10 years ago. Marylanders are now drinking more beer in this state alone than we were selling in 48 states and 23 countries six years ago. Frederick County especially has embraced us from day one, which is why our home is truly where the heart is.


Jim Caruso, CEO Flying Dog Brewery

Frederick continues to be an affordable location with proximity to two major markets that provide Music & Arts with a skilled workforce.  Plus, as a resident, I can tell you it’s a great place to live with quality restaurants and a wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities within easy reach.

Steve Zapf, President Music & Arts

We are proud to be a part of scenic Frederick County's rich farming heritage and provide quality, local agricultural products. Gaver Farm's goal is to operate a sustainable farm, build community through local agriculture and provide a family-centered agricultural learning experience that is fun and educational on a real working farm led by our family farm members!

Laura House, Co-Owner Gaver Farm

One of the main reasons we stay in Frederick is the great business support we receive from the City, County and State economic development offices. We are proud to have graduated from the Frederick County Innovative Technology Center (FITCI) and be a business incubator success story.

Dr. JJ Lin & Joshua Lin Imagilin Technology