When Hiring Qualified Candidates is a Challenge for Your Business…


I am a business owner in Frederick who is struggling to find and keep qualified talent. My business is small and I don’t have a human resources department or even a recruiting manager on staff. What resources are available for people like me? 


First and foremost, you are not alone! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Frederick County’s unemployment rate is 3.4%, and the surrounding counties are also below 4%. Based on data from the Maryland Workforce Exchange, the unemployment rate in Frederick County currently equates to less than one person per job opening. Also, more and more skilled workers are leaving the workforce, and the transition to the Millennials is starting. All of these factors contribute to the challenge you are currently facing.

Is your business willing and prepared to be ahead of the transitional curve?  If so, the answer and resources may be right at your fingertips. Frederick County Workforce Services (FCWS) assists a wide variety of job seekers every day. It is our mission to pair qualified candidates with your business. We achieve this by providing Frederick County employers with following opportunities at no cost:

·         Job Postings, Onsite Hiring Events, and Customized Recruitments

·         Grants Internships and On-the-Job Training Opportunities

·         Grants for Customized Workforce and Incumbent Worker Training

·         Industry Partnerships

·         Informational and Awareness Seminars

Even though we provide these services to hundreds of businesses each year, we are often told that many business owners have no idea that these free resources are available right here in Frederick County. We're determined to change that by making people aware of the valuable services they can access with just a quick email or phone call to FCWS. 

Connect with us at www.FrederickWORKS.com, or via email at businessinfo@frederickcountymd.gov.  You can also speak directly with a member of the FCWS Business Services Team by calling at 301.600.2255.