Video Pitch Services & ROOT Pitch Competition

Part of creating a successful business is having a solid pitch. If you had two minutes, or even only 30 seconds, could you explain and sell your idea? That’s what a solid pitch is all about. One great way to have your pitch seen by as many people as possible is to put it on video. From startup companies looking to attract investors, to early companies looking to market their brand, to successful businesses promoting a new initiative, video pitches can be a helpful way to spread your message.

When putting together the “perfect pitch,” it can be helpful to have some guidance through the process. That’s where Pitch Creator comes in. This online program is designed for entrepreneurs who want to get their pitch in tip top shape. Complimentary licenses to Pitch Creator’s Foundation Course are available through the Frederick County Office of Economic Development.

When it comes down to getting that pitch recorded, business owners can turn to the Video Pitch Services at ROOT. Once a month, pitches are professionally recorded in a studio, put together, and given to the businesses, all for free. But it doesn’t stop there for pitches recorded at ROOT; starting this spring, ROOT will begin hosting video pitch competitions. Three pitch videos will be shown to a crowd with judging for favorites. Not only is this a great opportunity to show off your video and network with other professionals, but cash prizes of $1,000 will be awarded based on crowd votes and judges’ pick.

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To speak directly with a staff person about all of our Pitch Services, call Britt Swartzlander at 301-600-1056.