Transdermal Specialties Inc.

Frederick County, MD welcomes Transdermal Laboratories.  This new and exciting company recently located to Frederick in March 2020 sharing space at 400 Sagner Ave #300, Frederick, MD 21701.  Transdermal CEO Bruce Redding shared with us their innovating products and their great solutions for diabetic patients. The U-STRIPTM is a patented ultrasonic transdermal patch that is able to administer insulin to the body through the skin, without the need of needles and pain free.

This new technology, Skin Patch, is in ongoing clinical trials and it has shown very promising results.  The patch contains the insulin medication and it has a second component of a miniature ultrasound machine that delivers waves.   These waves allow the pores of the skin to slightly open while the insulin is then absorbed by the body.  The device is programmed to deliver a certain amount of insulin to the body, and it allows patients to administer the medication even while eating or drinking.

The company is starting Phase 3 clinical trials in North Korea, and has already started the process in the U.S.  With this new technology, they are expecting to be able to help thousands of patients.  “Frederick County is very happy to have such a great company in our community committed to enhance the life of millions of patients” shared Solash Aviles-Montanez Senior Business Development Manager for Frederick County’s Office of Economic Development.

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