Top 50x2: Red Lobster and Reliable Recycling Center

In this year’s special edition of Frederick Top 50x2, we are recognizing Frederick County’s most resilient businesses that have been serving our community for 20 years or more.  Each week we will be highlighting businesses and organizations that were selected for the publication.  These are the companies that prove that Frederick County is a great place to do business. 

Red Lobster
1020 W. Patrick St. | Frederick
Established: 1997

Founder: Bill Darden

Red Lobster restaurant has a passion for seafood and great people. We strive to provide a blend of everyday meals, family meals, and special occasion meals. We also enjoy embracing change while holding on to guest favorites. For our guests that love a faithful meal - Cheddar Bay Biscuits and an Ultimate Feast will welcome you every time. Do you enjoy trying new things? Our Kung Pao Lobster dish is wonderful. We are thrilled to introduce a new Party Platter line and Family Feast style meals for takeout. Craving lobster and shrimp for the office luncheon? We've got you covered!

Why is Frederick County a great place to do business?

The people are what makes Frederick County great. We’ve seen new born babies grow and graduate high school through retirees deciding it's not really time to retire. The Red Lobster team in Frederick has employed and served generations of amazing residents and can't wait for what's still to come.

What is your advice to a young company?

In the business world the culture you embrace and maintain means everything. We are hospitality. For our industry a smile, kind words, embracing others, and quality of food paired with service will really make you stand out.

Reliable Recycling Center Inc
8005 Reichs Ford Rd | Frederick
Established: 1918

Founder: Maurice Sclar

Reliable Recycling Center purchases scrap metals and cardboard from many different local businesses and individuals.

Why is Frederick County a great place to do business?

The county government has accommodated our needs during periods of growth and when making improvements to our facility. The area is attracting a variety of businesses and residences helping to create more demand for our services.

What is your advice to a young company?

I would say you have to love what you do enough to continue trudging through an increasingly difficult business climate. I usually enjoy the unique challenges presented by my industry making each day different from the last. I was unfortunately never able to meet my grandfather or great-grandfather, but my father would tell me their (and his) reputation was their most valued asset. It's a great feeling when the effort my employees and I place upon providing great service is acknowledged by a customer.

Frederick County is very fortunate to have an amazing business community, especially those that have been in business for over 20 years.  We understand that there are more than 100 legacy businesses in Frederick County, but unfortunately, we were not able to include all these businesses in the Top 50x2.  The businesses included were selected from responses submitted to a business survey.  OED staff verified the responses and then selected the businesses on a first come first serve basis.  If your business would like to be included in future opportunities, please email

Some photographs included in the publication were taken pre-COVID.  OED encourages everyone to follow precautionary guidelines set forth by the Frederick County Health Department.