Top 50x2: Ramar Moving Systems and Red Horse Steak House

In this year’s special edition of Frederick Top 50x2, we are recognizing Frederick County’s most resilient businesses that have been serving our community for 20 years or more.  Each week we will be highlighting businesses and organizations that were selected for the publication.  These are the companies that prove that Frederick County is a great place to do business. 

Ramar Moving Systems, Inc.
28 Thomas Johnson Drive | Frederick
Established: 1987

Founders: Howard and Ibby Levine

Ramar Moving Systems, Inc. is a family owned and operated business established in 1987.  We are an agent for United Van Lines and are headquartered in Frederick, MD. Ramar has a team of dedicated employees including Move Consultants, Packers, Labor, Customer Service, and Professional Van Operators that help our customers through the move process. Ramar is an asset based service provider. As part of the UniGroup global network, we have access to agents, both nationally and internationally, which provides Ramar with the opportunity to service our customers' warehousing, origin, and destination services all across the world.

Why is Frederick County a great place to do business?

Ramar is an extremely diversified transportation company. We do household and office moving, as well as dock to dock transportation and distribution. With Frederick County’s diverse economic foundation we are able to assist all types of customers, from people moving into and out of a home, to businesses looking to move offices or ship special products.

Describe a significant event in your company’s history.

We have won many awards for professionalism, have assisted several non-profits, work with the elderly, as well as small and large companies throughout our 33 years of business. However, Ramar is very proud to have hosted a food drive every year around Christmas to help feed the homeless population and those in need in Frederick County. We are extremely blessed to be able to give back to our community that has helped us accomplish so much.

What is your advice to a young company?

You get out what you put in, so put all the focus and energy you can into your business. However, you MUST make time for friends and family. There is more to life than just your business, and they are the ones who help you through the easy and hard times. There is also truth to treating your employees with the utmost respect, allowing them to have good work-life balance, the freedom to put in suggestions to better the company, having a productive work environment, fair pay, and positive reinforcement. Your employees are part of the identity of your business, so make sure they are well taken care of.

Red Horse Steak House
996 W Patrick St | Frederick
Established: 1968

Established in 1968, The Red Horse Steakhouse is a full service restaurant conveniently located off US 15 and Route 40. Professional wait staff serve the finest grilled steaks and traditional seafood in a comfortable, casually elegant, atmosphere. Steaks are hand cut and trimmed daily. Complete bar facilities including a diverse wine list able to accommodate all tastes.

Why is Frederick County a great place to do business?

There are many great things about being in Frederick County. The main reason is the quality of life and customers which we have frequent our establishment.  We have tremendous support and a strong employee base which is family oriented. Many children of present and former employees work for us.  The generation to generation loyalty is great.

What is your advice to a young company?

Stay with your work. Have a vested interest in both your work and employees. Also work to have your employees vested in the business. Make employees feel like they are just like owners.

Frederick County is very fortunate to have an amazing business community, especially those that have been in business for over 20 years.  We understand that there are more than 100 legacy businesses in Frederick County, but unfortunately, we were not able to include all these businesses in the Top 50x2.  The businesses included were selected from responses submitted to a business survey.  OED staff verified the responses and then selected the businesses on a first come first serve basis.  If your business would like to be included in future opportunities, please email

Some photographs included in the publication were taken pre-COVID.  OED encourages everyone to follow precautionary guidelines set forth by the Frederick County Health Department.