Top 50x2: FJB Engineering and Flatdog Media

In this year’s special edition of Frederick Top 50x2, we are recognizing Frederick County’s most resilient businesses that have been serving our community for 20 years or more.  Each week we will be highlighting businesses and organizations that were selected for the publication.  These are the companies that prove that Frederick County is a great place to do business. 

FJB Engineering
1319 Bucheimer Rd. | Frederick
Established: 1970

Founder: Frank Bloom, Founding Partner

FJB is a provider of precision-machined, high accuracy components for today’s most demanding instruments and technologies. Serving the private and public sectors, and supplying the highest quality parts for applications including biotech, defense, aerospace, robotics, telecommunications, satellite, medical, and communication test instrumentation. FJB’s commitment to quality is evident in precision craftsmanship, combining the latest manufacturing technology with the most demanding production controls and quality assurance techniques. The result: consistently accurate fine precision, close tolerance parts.

What advice would you give a young company?

Ensure you have a strong financial plan and take courses if you need to understand the financial side of your business. This is a key area many small businesses fail in.  Take advantage of opportunities when they come up and be nimble.  Plan ahead for new employees, treat them well when you get them, and plan for the bad times because they will come.

Flatdog Media
20 West Third Street | Frederick
Established: 1981

Founder: Neil Sandler

Flatdog Media is North America's leading source of news and information in the geospatial world of precision positioning and measuring.  xyHt is a monthly magazine, in print and on line, published along with several e-newsletters and special publications. 

Why is Frederick County a great place to do business?

Doers.  I have never lived in a place where so many people don't just talk about their dreams and aspirations, but instead pursue them!  In Frederick, there seems to be an endless supply of innovative, hardworking entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks to achieve personal satisfaction. It's inspirational to live and work in a community with so many living life to the fullest. I hope people view me as one of these risk takers, who found Frederick County to be fertile ground to grow his or her dreams.

What is a significant event in your company’s history?

2021 will be our 40th anniversary.  Let's see what that holds for us.

What advice would you give a young company?

Take educated risks early and often. Do not view failures as a deterrent, but rather as a learning experience.  I encourage my team to take educated risks and if things don't work out, just learn from it and move on quickly to the next challenge.

Frederick County is very fortunate to have an amazing business community, especially those that have been in business for over 20 years.  We understand that there are more than 100 legacy businesses in Frederick County, but unfortunately, we were not able to include all these businesses in the Top 50x2.  The businesses included were selected from responses submitted to a business survey.  OED staff verified the responses and then selected the businesses on a first come first serve basis.  If your business would like to be included in future opportunities, please email

Some photographs included in the publication were taken pre-COVID.  OED encourages everyone to follow precautionary guidelines set forth by the Frederick County Health Department.