Top 50x2: Corporate Exposure and Dairy Maid Dairy

In this year’s special edition of Frederick Top 50x2, we are recognizing Frederick County’s most resilient businesses that have been serving our community for 20 years or more.  Each week we will be highlighting businesses and organizations that were selected for the publication.  These are the companies that prove that Frederick County is a great place to do business. 

Corporate Exposure
6728A Deer Spring Lane | Middletown
Established: 1991

Corporate Exposure has been in business since 1991, providing promotional products for the business community to use for marketing, advertising, recognition, and communication purposes.

What is your advice to a young company?

Apply the golden rule and treat customers well to reap rewards.

Dairy Maid Dairy, LLC
259 E 7th St | Emmitsburg
Established: 1894

Founder: Joseph Vona

Dairy Maid Dairy partners with local farmers to produce fresh milk.  In their state of the art facility located just outside of the heart of historic Frederick, Dairy Maid Dairy uses the best technology and old school know how to deliver great tasting milk. They are constantly monitoring, testing, and validating to make sure that their customers are pleased.

Describe something significant in your company’s history.

When founder Joseph Vona returned from serving in the army in WWII he was looking for a business opportunity when he answered a one and a half by one inch ad in the Frederick News-Post. Perhaps he took it as a good sign when he learned the “business opportunity” for sale was a proven quantity: The Excelsior Sanitary Dairy, the oldest in Frederick, founded in 1894.

What is your advice to a young company?

Be true to the industry.  That was one thing Jodie and Jimmy Vona did.  They believed in Frederick.  Give back to the community.  Treat your employees fair and with respect so they have incentive to stay.

Frederick County is very fortunate to have an amazing business community, especially those that have been in business for over 20 years.  We understand that there are more than 100 legacy businesses in Frederick County, but unfortunately, we were not able to include all these businesses in the Top 50x2.  The businesses included were selected from responses submitted to a business survey.  OED staff verified the responses and then selected the businesses on a first come first serve basis.  If your business would like to be included in future opportunities, please email

Some photographs included in the publication were taken pre-COVID.  OED encourages everyone to follow precautionary guidelines set forth by the Frederick County Health Department.