Top 50 Innovative Businesses: PsyTechVR, Quantic PMI and Quantum Loophole

This year FCOED is recognizing and celebrating Frederick County’s innovative businesses. These businesses are making the biggest impact on their industries, workplace, and community — thriving in today’s ever-changing environment. Join us as we get to know our Top 50 Innovative Businesses.

PsyTech VR
6 W 3rd St
Frederick, MD

PsyTech VR offers self-guided phobia training in virtual reality. Ten phobia practices, mindfulness techniques and art therapy in VR. Advanced VR headset and biosensors for vitals reading during training.

VR technology helps people to overcome their fears, phobias and anger issues as well as meditate in the comfort of their homes. Using VR and biosensors people can measure their success in fighting phobias including social anxiety and using guided meditation to fight stress in the workplace.

Quantic PMI (Planar Monolithics)
7309 Grove Road
Frederick, MD

Founded in 1989, Quantic PMI is a leading supplier of high-reliability RF microwave components and subsystems. Delivering industry-standard performance for mission critical applications in the military, communications, commercial and consumer industries. PMI continues to expand its portfolio of state-of-the-art hybrid MIC/MMIC products.

Using engineering expertise, specific application of physical phenomena, advanced components, modern assembly and test equipment, plus supplementing design and manufacturing with a stringent military quality assurance program, extracts optimal electrical performance from Quantic PMI’s products.

Quantum Loophole
5601 Manor Woods Road
Frederick, MD

Quantum Loophole, Inc. is an innovative developer of a first-of-its-kind Gigawatt-scale master planned data center communities with its first location in Frederick, Maryland. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Austin, Texas.

Quantum Loophole is revolutionizing the scalability of data center communities and how they are connected. They are delivering on the promise of Maryland incentives by developing the land, power, water and fiber connectivity needed to responsibly attract enduring investment from the tech sector.

Quantum Loophole’s fiber network ring, QLoop, brings needed capacity to the congested and cost-intensive NOVA network region, opening up Frederick County to new high-tech opportunities.