Top 50 Innovative Businesses: Dynamic Automotive, FESCO Energy and FoodPRO Corporation

This year FCOED is recognizing and celebrating Frederick County’s innovative businesses. These businesses are making the biggest impact on their industries, workplace, and community — thriving in today’s ever-changing environment. Join us as we get to know our Top 50 Innovative Businesses.

Dynamic Automotive
8824 Urbana Church Rd
Frederick, MD 21704

As an Industry Leader in automotive repair, Dynamic Automotive has been serving Frederick County residents since 1995 with five locations, focusing on the communities we serve.

Dynamic Automotive is committed to our team and helping them to be the best they can be. We establish career paths for all our team members that can be personalized for their entire career. We use Roadmap Reviews to learn what our team member’s 1-, 3- and 5-year goals are.

We have supported and been a part of the Career and Technology Center program since it started. We started apprenticeship programs and brought all the automotive students to our Urbana shop for a tour. We quickly recognized that by having a plan we were able to attract, retain and train our entry-level workforce. We expanded it to all our team members and started creating career paths for all.

We have proven that even a small company can put together a program that has clear communication with personalized career goals for our team with action steps.

We have given speeches, keynotes and group meeting spreading the word on the benefits of our programs. These programs have helped our team grow and develop, and our customers are able to get their vehicles repaired by qualified and trained technicians.

Since starting these programs, we have maintained a healthy workforce. We have been able to expand both organically and through adding locations. We get to see lots of young talent, and we can pick the best for our 3-year apprenticeship program. By creating a plan for their future, we have attracted and retained some of the best in the industry. We have had record sales this year because of the superior team we have.

FESCO Energy
7470 New Technology Way
Frederick, MD 21704

FESCO Energy was established in 2018 to provide turnkey delivery of energy efficiency, energy renewable and energy resiliency projects for existing facilities in the federal, educational and health care markets. In 2018 FESCO received “Innovator of the Year” award from the Maryland Department of Commerce for our work in developing software that analyzes interval utility data to determine possible generation concepts that include a mix of energy generation systems (renewable, gas fired), energy storage (electrical, mechanical, thermal). When these solutions are coupled with right sizing a building(s) energy demand (energy efficiency in lighting, HVAC, controls systems, motors, etc.) the combined projects often meet the financial requirements allowing the project to be financed with no capital from the customer and paid for through the energy cost savings. FESCO invests capital and arranges the financing of the energy assets we construct up to $100 million.

Established to focus exclusively on the Federal market, FESCO has expanded into the higher education market and health care markets. Earlier this year FESCO and the Washington College (Chestertown, MD) entered into a $25 million Energy as a Service Agreement to modernize their dorms, central plant, and 38 other buildings located on campus, which when completed in January of 2023, will reduce 80% of the greenhouse gas emissions from the College while reducing over $1.1 million in energy use. FESCO also secured $100k in grant funds from MEA and over $1.2 million in rebates from Delmarva Power for the College based on the technologies deployed in project. Our innovative approach enabled the college to upgrade their facilities, reduce energy demand consumption, maximize rebates and grants to buy down the project cost, reduce the majority of their GHG emissions through a recognized off-balance sheet Agreement. This Agreement is available to any customer wanting to address deferred maintenance and energy resiliency issues they may have.

FoodPRO Corporation
321 E 5th St
Frederick, MD 21701

As a broad-line wholesale restaurant distributor, they offer restaurant digital marketing services as a benefit for being a valued customer. They have upgraded their online ordering platform in addition to launching a new app and upgrading to a new system for warehouse functions.

In the food service distribution world, the focus has always been products.  They went the extra mile to include a digital marketing support that is not common to see in business. Their new online ordering platform and app has made it easier for customers to have the control to view the inventory and invoicing without having to make a call. Customers have better control of their accounts more than any other supplier in our direct market.