Top 50 Innovative Businesses: BioElectronics Corporation, Clym Environmental Services and Cornerstone Genomics

This year FCOED is recognizing and celebrating Frederick County’s innovative businesses. These businesses are making the biggest impact on their industries, workplace, and community — thriving in today’s ever-changing environment. Join us as we get to know our Top 50 Innovative Businesses.

BioElectronics Corporation
4539 Metropolitan Court
Frederick, MD 21704

We are fighting the opioid epidemic by developing and manufacturing non-invasive, disposable, drug-free, pain therapy devices for treating back and knee pain and other musculoskeletal complaints. We also manufacture a device for post-operative pain and wound care. All products are US FDA cleared.

We took a technology previously only available in a clinical setting, and miniaturized it to a drug-free, non-invasive, sensation-free, affordable, wearable device for treating pain. Our devices can be used 24/7, and are clinically proven to reduce the need for medications- including opioids. Users report better sleep, more physical activity, & an improvement in their quality of life.

Our products are class II, FDA-cleared, drug-free, pulsed shortwave therapy devices which utilize radio-frequency electromagnetic energy. There is sensation produced by the products allowing for 24/7 use for sustained pain relief. The user simply tapes the lightweight device over their area of pain and goes about their normal activities. There are no side effects nor risk of addiction. Studies indicate prolonged opioid use after surgery may be associated with opioid dependency and increased health care costs. Our device mitigates the need for opioid use while still optimizing the management of postoperative pain. Our mission is to stop opioid abuse at its inception.

Currently UC San Diego investigators are studying the effect of RecoveryRx on phantom limb pain. The outcome measures of primary interest will be (1) the change in "average" residual & phantom limb pain scores between baseline & Day 28 of the initial treatment, as well as (2) the Patient Global Impression of Change on Day 28 of the initial treatment. Major limb amputation results in life-long emotional, psychological, and physical effects. Almost 2 million people living with limb loss— more than 75% of the amputee population—suffer from phantom limb pain in the United States alone. Future studies will measure the effects of the device on chronic wound healing and overactive bladder syndrome.

Clym Environmental Services, LLC
1539 Tilco Drive, Suite 123
Frederick, MD 21704

Clym Environmental Services, LLC (Clym) provides waste management, environmental and safety services to the life sciences and healthcare industries. Headquartered in Frederick, MD and in business for 25 years with offices at the NIH in Bethesda, MD, New Castle, PA, and Greenfield, IN.

Clym has earned the honor of being part of the Maryland Green Registry, which recognizes environmentally sustainable practices at organizations of all types and sizes. Clym is proud to be a member of this exclusive group that has saved a combined total of more than $100 million annually.

Starting in 2019, Clym has developed and refined a proprietary, environmentally friendly technology called O3PureMed for the commercial processing of regulated medical waste (RMW). RMW is regularly generated by all healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech facilities. Our ozone treatment process, the only one available to Maryland generators of RMW, shreds the waste reducing its original volume up to 90% while generating ozone from ambient air to disinfect the waste, which can then be recycled. Current traditional methods include incineration, landfill, autoclaving, and chemical treatments that are extremely hazardous to the environment. The ozone treatment has no hazardous emissions.

Each year, the USA generates more than 465,000 tons of RMW. Most of RMW is treated by thermal processes such as autoclaving and incineration (one ton of incinerated RMW creates one ton of greenhouse gases). Clym's innovative process produces no harmful byproducts, air pollution, water contamination, and releases no toxins into the air. Plastic waste, which constitutes up to 90% of RMW is recycled using advanced recycling methods reverting resins into products that can be recycled again, making it revolutionary.

Clym is providing life cycle assessments and recycling data for RMW including net zero waste, carbon impact, sustainability, and circular plastics economic metrics to prove the superiority of our process compared to what is currently available. We know that Clym’s revolutionary O3PureMed technology is changing the paradigm of how regulated medical waste is being processed and is the best available solution for the life sciences and healthcare industries. We look forward to participating in growing the Frederick County economy with our industry-first O3PureMed technology.

Cornerstone Genomics Inc.
118 N. Market St
Frederick, MD 21701

We develop cloud-based analytical software for genome scientists in corporate, academia and government research labs. Our products offer innovative solutions the multi-billion dollar industry of disease diagnostics. Founded in 2017, we are a virtual company with headquarters in Maryland.

Our innovations stem from our expert knowledge of how DNA changes over time. A small team, we are a synergistic combination of genome scientists and software developers. Working closely together, we create a new approach in disease diagnostics with SBIRs from the National Science Foundation.

Despite advances in genome sequencing, equal progress in molecular disease diagnostics is prevented by poorly organized and inaccurate resources available to scientists. We overcome these barriers, providing extraordinary clarity for DNA analyses based on new precision databases we alone can offer. DNA sequencing technology was applied to our proprietary biological samples. Using supercomputers, we create a map tracking naturally occurring changes allowed by each gene over 80 million years of time. This knowledge is unprecedented, and will screen and precisely identify changes found only in patients, reducing research costs, accelerating speed to discovery, with product launch in 2023.

Our innovation is based on principles and best practices in genome research. Until now, the samples needed, advanced sequencing technologies, computational resources, and software development applications used to construct our platform have not been possible. Combined with concurrent massive sequencing of people world-wide, our products will ultimately lead to precision medicine. We offer a greater societal impact beyond biomedicine by advancing knowledge about the genetic underpinnings of our biology.

We have tested our product CodeXome® against ClinGen, disease-causing genes validated by the FDA as targets for cures. As predicted, virtually no pathogenic or likely pathogenic changes co-occurred in CodeXome® databases, while benign or likely benign DNA changes were found in high frequency. The cloud platform is powerful, secure, and easily customized for our clients. Something to consider: it took over two years of intensive effort and over $1.5 million to create CodeXome®. That’s what customers and clients save: research time and costs. The work is done, and with extraordinary clarity, they can move beyond existing analytical barriers to save lives.