TOMI SteraMist Partners with Frederick County to Provide Safe Work Environment

Frederick County has a new partner in the fight against COVID-19.  On Tuesday June 23th, Frederick County Emergency Management Team held a training/presentation of its new product for decontamination. TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc., a company based in Frederick County, offers a unique product for decontamination called SteraMist.  This product has proven efficacy against a wide range of microorganisms and viruses including COVID-19, making the product very attractive to the market. 

SteraMist is a solution of 7.8% hydrogen peroxide that is ionized and applied as a fine mist capable of eliminating COVID-19 from surfaces.  This fine mist moves like a gas, able to cover those tiny areas where regular disinfectants and manual cleaning cannot reach.  The surface applicator is safe to use on most surfaces including high touch sensitive equipment and electronics.  The SteraMist Surface Unit is a fully portable, hand held, point and spray disinfection system, and is safe to use on a daily basis.  Its touch-less application provides less down time than a manual cleaning with the required PPE.  This product will be used to disinfect offices and common areas within Frederick County Government buildings.

This partnership between TOMI Environmental Solutions and Frederick County Government continues to ensure the safety of its employees and the community, by providing them with a safer area to work as they continue to reduce the spread of the virus.  “Having TOMI Environmental Solutions US Corporate Headquarters here in Frederick puts our area on the front lines in providing solutions to defeating COVID-19 “ shared Solash Aviles-Montanez, Senior Business Development Manager for Frederick County’s Office of Economic Development.

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