Tips to Look Your Best on Video Conference Calls

With so many meetings occurring online now, here are some helpful tips to look your best. 

Choose a Location with Limited Distractions

First, you need to choose a location.This would ideally be a place in your home where you can have privacy and limit distractions from pets and family.Stay away from high traffic areas in your home, and let everyone in the house know when you are having meetings, so that you won’t be disturbed.

Setup in a Location with Good Lighting 

The most flattering lighting is a soft diffused lighting that is directed toward your face.  Lighting from above or behind you will cast harsh shadows or backlight you making it look as though you are in a dark room. If sitting by a window, do not sit with direct sunlight shining on you, because that can be too bright.  Use the camera on your phone to test out different locations you have in mind.

Consider placing two lamps on your desk, just behind and on either side of your computer.  Use shades that are translucent enough to allow the light to pass through, keeping the bulbs at eye level. If you really want to step-up your game, purchase a ring light that can clip onto your laptop.

Consider your Backdrop

No one wants to see a dirty room or a dingy space.Make sure your filming location stays neat and tidy, so that you don’t have to scramble if a last minute meeting is called.If your background is distracting, people will not be listening to what you are saying.Remove objects or pictures that could detract from your brand.A neutral background works best.Remember, less is more.

Find a Flattering Camera Angle

Once you have a location with good lighting, setup your equipment and test it out to find your most flattering angle.A camera angle at eye level is more slimming than one that is positioned lower.If you are using a laptop, consider placing it on a stand to give it height.Center yourself horizontally.For vertical alignment, make sure your eyes are in the top 1/3 of the frame.Avoid showing too much ceiling or anything below the waist.

Dress the Part

Dress like you would if you were going to meet face to face. Presenting yourself this way will give you the confidence and energy to have an efficient meeting.