Temporary Outdoor Dining

On May 29th, outdoor-only dining went into effect for both the State of Maryland and Frederick County. Establishments such as restaurants, breweries and wineries are now able to host diners on their patios following social distancing guidelines put in place by Governor Larry Hogan. These guidelines include tables being spaced six feet apart and a limit of six people per table.

For businesses without designated outdoor dining areas, or for restaurants looking to expand their outdoor dining capacity, Frederick County is offering temporary outdoor seating permits. Restaurants and food service establishments can apply for this temporary approval to expand their outdoor dining areas including sidewalks, common areas and parking. The temporary permit lasts for one year, or until the state of emergency is declared over.

A number of businesses in our area have been using this opportunity to expand their outdoor dining and serve more customers. Texas Roadhouse, Avery’s Maryland Grille, TGI Fridays and Brookside Inn have all been approved in the past week to add to their outdoor dining capacity, with more to come.

Kaitlyn Noffsinger, the owner of Brookside Inn said, “The process to get our new additional outdoor dining area was easier than we thought it would be. The county was extremely helpful and understanding. They want us to succeed and we are very grateful for everyone who played a role in getting us back up and running with our new service model!”

Frederick County businesses interested in the temporary outdoor seating permit can find more information and apply online by clicking here.

To read about the City of Frederick’s pop up dining and apply for a sidewalk cafe permit click here.