Targeted Training for Frederick’s Healthcare Industry

Did you know that Frederick County Workforce Services supports local industries by sponsoring training programs that are designed to create a skilled workforce and meet labor market demands?

Did you know that the healthcare industry accounts for 12.7% of all jobs in Frederick County, and is anticipated to grow even more in coming years? In fact, the demand for administrative professionals in our area with specific knowledge of the medical field is currently 9% higher than the national average and is anticipated to grow over 10% between 2017-2020.

In response to this need, FCWS recently offered an online training program (combined with weekly in-person meetings) for a group of candidates to become a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) and a Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS).  

Beginning this month, FCWS will launch another training program targeted to the healthcare industry. The Patient Care Technician program will enable participants to work alongside doctors and nurses to assist with the critical day-to-day care that some patients require. This program is designed to be an opportunity for candidates who are already working as a Nursing Assistant and are prepared for career advancement.  With grant funding, FCWS supports the cost of training for eligible participants.

Do you work for one of the over 1,100 potential employers in the local healthcare industry? Would you like to access qualified candidates to hire? Perhaps you are interested in learning about how to secure funds to train your existing staff for industry recognized credentials? As part of our mission, we’re here to support those needs. Connect with us to learn more: – 301.600.2255.