Supporting Minority Leaders to Help Take Their Company to the Next Level

The Frederick County Office of Economic Development has partnered with Hood College and Mount St. Mary’s University to offer the Frederick County Minority Business Executive Development Program. “This program has been planned for quite some time and we are glad to have it on our calendar.  We are especially thankful to our partners, Hood College and Mount St. Mary’s University for providing their time and valuable instruction to our minority business leaders,” commented Helen Propheter, Executive Director for the Frederick County Office of Economic Development.

The Minority Business Executive Development Program was developed in tandem with Hood College and Mount St. Mary’s University to provide the opportunity for minority business leaders to enhance and acquire new tools and techniques to further develop their executive business skills.  The major benefits of the program will be the individualized training that they will receive and the opportunity to develop and expand their professional network.

The program is for mid-level and senior management executives and business owners representing small, medium and large businesses.   The four areas of instruction will be Business Accounting and Finance; Marketing, Promotion and Advertising; Organizational Leadership and Organizational Management.  The instructors for the classes are Professor Don Butt and Professor Nancy Kimble from Mount St. Mary’s University and Professor Dr. Eric Louers-Phillips and Dr. David Gurzick from Hood College.

“Frederick County's Minority Business Executive Development Program will seek to enhance the professional decision making skills of emerging business leaders.  Mount St. Mary's University appreciates the opportunity to partner with Hood College in delivering the first of what is expected to be an annual series,” stated Don Butt, Associate Professor of the Richard J. Bolte, Sr. School of Business at Mount St. Mary’s University.

The first class of the Minority Business Executive Development program has been selected.  Due to COVID19, the classes will now take place each week in the month of September, 2020.  Enrollment was a competitive process where 10 outstanding candidates were selected for the program.

According to Dr. David Gurzick, Associate Professor of Management Science of the George B. Delaplaine Jr. School of Business at Hood College, “Organizational renewal comes in tandem with personal renewal. With my colleagues, we look forward to guiding these aspiring executives towards the skills and mindsets that they can apply both to elevate and evolve the Frederick business community and to further develop in their own growth as transformational leaders.”  

The Frederick County Office of Economic Development provides resources and programs for minority-owned businesses.  For a listing of resources and programs as well as a list minority-owned businesses, visit