Struggling to Find Qualified Talent? Here’s a Different Way to Look at this Challenge…

Finding qualified talent with a low unemployment rate is proving to be a struggle for many Frederick County employers. Hiring cannot be like Bird Box, employers need to take off the blindfold and look at candidates differently. A low unemployment rate typically means candidates with directly related experience will rarely fall in your lap. Employers are now having to read between the lines to identify candidates with transferrable skills and tap into different populations. Let’s dive into those aspects a little further.

Candidates with transferrable skills come with the ability to perform the job, and they may even bring a fresh perspective to the position. Oftentimes, good candidates are overlooked because their experience does not directly align with the position or the industry. So what…can they do the job? Do they bring additional skills and qualities that could benefit the company? Alright, so they are missing a few skills you are seeking, but they may bring an array of other skills you could use in your workplace. Can you teach them the skills they are missing? These are questions employers need to be asking.

Did you know? Frederick County Workforce Services has a funding program that offers salary reimbursement to businesses who are willing to bring someone onboard and train them in the skills needed. For more information, send a message to and ask about On-The-Job Training.

Tapping into different populations, again, means reading between the lines. Some populations often ignored are Individuals with Disabilities, Reentering Citizens, and Youth. Like most candidates, each comes with a set of skills that can benefit the business, if given the chance. A lot of times, employers are misinformed or have a stigma towards these groups. These candidates also understand employers are taking a chance on them; therefore, they are often highly dedicated and loyal workers.

Did you know? Frederick County Workforce Services assists all these populations through skills training, vetting, expungement, and several other methods to ensure they are workforce-ready. For more information, call 301.600.2255 or message us at

Employers who keep their blindfolds on, hoping what they’ve always done will continue to work, are likely going to struggle to find talent. Much like everything else, change is inevitable, and in order to succeed employers will need to adapt. Luckily for them, Frederick County Workforce Services is here to lead the way!