Shop Small this Holiday Season

This November 28th is Small Business Saturday; a holiday shopping tradition that was started in 2010 to promote local independently-owned businesses.  It is recognized each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to kick-off the holiday shopping season. 

While this holiday season is different from the last, it is more important than ever to support local.  This year businesses have been hard at work navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic and finding ways for their customers to safely participate in the shopping experience.  From curbside pickup to online shopping options, the businesses have pivoted, and now is the time to show them some love.

By choosing to shop local, you are advocating for your community.  An estimated 67 cents for every dollar spent stays within the community.  That means that over half of what you spend will circulate to support local jobs and services.  According to the Small Business Administration, small companies create 1.5 million jobs annually and account for 64% of new jobs created in the United States.  Small businesses help create a vibrant community and a sense of place.  They are the heartbeat of our economy.

“Money should circulate like rainwater. It should flow down among the people, through little dressmakers and restaurants, setting up a business here, and furnishing a good time there." Dolly Levi, Hello Dolly

This year, we encourage you to participate in Small Business Saturday by shopping local, using social media to share your shopping experience, and posting a review online about a business that you love.

Remember that even the smallest actions can have the biggest impact.

Frederick County’s Maryland Main Street Communities

“As the Main Street Middletown manager I would encourage folks to shop at your favorite neighborhood business this holiday season!  Shopping locally helps to keep the neighborhood that you live in vibrant, personable, friendly, and economically healthy.  Shopping local helps put a smile on everybody’s face!” Becky Axilbund