September is National Workforce Development Month!

In Frederick and across the nation, workforce has become a hot topic as many businesses continue to struggle to hire and retain talent. It seems that every day we hear, see, and probably personally experience the impacts of staffing shortages and witness firsthand, the importance of businesses being able to access to qualified workers.     

It’s hard not to notice all the “Hiring” signs all around town and many are wondering why it seems so hard to fill open positions. There are so many factors impacting the availability of enough labor to meet the needs of industry. Workforce development programming is designed to help address some of those factors through labor market education and targeted skill development to build a workforce that meets the current and future needs of business and industries. 

Often referred to as a “best kept secret,” the Frederick County Workforce Services team is committed to growing the economic vitality of in Frederick County and helping people to grow their career potential. It’s inspiring to see how workforce programming positively impacts the community.  Last year, the team at Frederick County Workforce Services: 

  • Dispersed over $400,000 into the local community for training and skill development for individuals and businesses.
  • Provided one-one career counseling for over 200 individuals seeking to further their career through training and employment in high growth/high demand industries.
  • Provided job search preparation and employment experience to over 500 young adults.
  • Supported over 300 businesses with access to qualified candidates, recruitment support, customized labor market information, and talent development funding.
  • Provided access for over 400 Frederick County residents to complete skill development coursework in the SkillUP online training platform.

In addition to the dedicated staff at our center, the workforce development system locally includes a network of additional community partners all working together to help people develop the skills needed to secure meaningful careers and remove barriers to self-sustainability. Together with our partners, FCWS prepares individuals for meaningful employment, help workers advance in their careers and ensure that businesses can thrive with access to a skilled workforce.

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