Revealed: Frederick's Top 50 CEOs

Frederick’s Top 50 CEOs were revealed today in a special publication of the January 2019 edition of Frederick Magazine. 

“Frederick’s Top 50 CEO list recognizes outstanding leadership in Frederick County. Last year we recognized our Top 50 Businesses and this year we’ve focused on inspiring leaders. We are pleased to be able to produce this publication in partnership with Frederick Magazine for the second year in a row,” said OED’s Director Helen Propheter.

OED received 146 nominations for lead executives, founders, entrepreneurs and company owners of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The nominations were used to come up with Frederick’s Top 50 CEOs based on powerful testimonials and stories of them leading by example and guiding their businesses through change. A heavy emphasis was given to responses on the CEO’s unique strategic leadership concepts and significant growth under his or her leadership. The final list also included criteria based on the CEO’s individual responses on the following: Number of employees, Tenure with the company, Company’s turnover rate, Company’s median salary, Number of nominations the CEO received and CEO’s involvement in the community.

More than just a list of CEOs, Frederick Magazine’s team of talented writers took a closer look into what it takes to be a top CEO. From stories of CEOs with humble beginnings, to inspirational stories of leadership that helped transform companies into success stories and a behind-the-scenes look at some of Frederick’s successful non-profit leaders, Frederick’s Top 50 is a glimpse into how this diverse group of leaders has helped to shape Frederick County’s business community.

Click here to view the digital version of Frederick’s Top 50 or pick up a copy with the January 2019 edition of Frederick Magazine.

Frederick’s Top 50 CEOs

  • Ernest W. Angell
  • Jon-Mikel Bailey
  • Dr. Scott Barao
  • Jeff Barber
  • PJ Bellomo
  • Scott Brunk
  • Tony Brusco
  • Dr. Robert W. Buckheit, Jr.
  • Keith Burlingame
  • RaeAnn E. Butler
  • ML Carroll
  • James R. Castle
  • Dr. Andrea E. Chapdelaine
  • Chris Colville
  • Margot Connor
  • Nick Damoulakis
  • Elizabeth “Betsy” Day
  • Dr. Ethan Dmitrovsky
  • Kim Dow
  • John Dumas
  • Danny Farrar
  • John Fieseler
  • Dr. J. Patrick Fitch
  • Theresa Harrison
  • David Hawkins, Jr.
  • Mike James
  • Tom Kleinhanzl
  • Marty Lapera
  • Doug Leidig
  • Dr. Christopher McLean
  • Dr. Gary Nabors
  • Kara Norman
  • Peter Oykman
  • Pete and Jim Plamondon
  • Michael Planz
  • Jim Racheff
  • Bill Richman and Kevin Klink
  • Charles “Chuck” Roberts
  • Bill Robertson
  • Gary L. Rollins
  • Scott Ryser
  • Dr. Darryl Sampey
  • Steve Schmidt
  • Lonnie Spires
  • David Statz
  • David Stone
  • Melissa Torres
  • James "Jim” Warfield
  • Tom Willie
  • Bruce Zavos