Partner Spotlight: Golden Mile Alliance

What is the Golden Mile Alliance?

The Golden Mile Alliance is dedicated to the support and economic growth of Frederick City's Rt.40 corridor.

Our mission is to drive the Golden Mile area to be a welcoming, economically strong, and desirable commercial and residential community.

The GMA achieves its mission through our economic development activities to support our businesses and residential communities so they can continue to thrive. From top-notch businesses and offices to family-friendly neighborhoods and parks, our goal is to highlight and support the great purpose the Golden Mile holds for our city.

What are the main goals of the Golden Mile Alliance?

Our vision is that the Golden Mile is a vibrant, diverse, and accessible premier destination for shopping, dining, living, recreation and commerce in Frederick.

How does the Golden Mile Alliance support businesses?

2020 was a busy and productive year for the GMA. Our accomplishments include:

  • Installed Banners & held a Celebration for Golden Mile community – giving GM businesses & residents a sense of place
  • Upgraded GMA website with new photo & drone photos upgraded our website using these photos, as well as, adding additional community & business information
  • Two Enterprise Zone Certifications were granted, with another in progress, to provide business on GM with real property tax credit and/or income tax credit-new job creation.
  • Supported rezoning of Frederick Towne Mall paving the way for DISTRICT 40 at the old Frederick Towne Mall site. Subsequently Taj Mahal, Frederick Furniture, and Warehouse Cinema are in residence and others are in consideration.
  • Frederick County Leaders on Loan are working with the GMA to develop a plan for a future signature event for the Golden Mile. An event that would represent & bring more visibility to the diverse business and residential community of GM.
  • GMA has approved 11 Façade Grant Applications— 9 projects have been completed and 2 are currently in process.
  • GMA has taken the essential step of Strategic Planning in order to move our organization into future, to chart our course over the next several years.

How can people learn more about the Golden Mile Alliance?

You may contact us at the following:
email: or
Facebook: @goldenmilealliance
Instagram: @goldenmilealliance


Golden Mile Alliance
P.O. Box 3136
Frederick, Maryland 21705