New Business: Tree Trekkers

In a beautiful wooded spot, just off Route 144, you will find one of Frederick’s newest additions: TreeTrekkers. This outdoor adventure facility is the brainchild of Frederick resident Missy Conner. After nearly a decade of working in the outdoor recreation industry, Conner took her love of adventure parks and her knowledge of the industry, and decided to create her own park. The wooded area spanning 30 acres, tucked away from the highway, proved to be the perfect location. Conner had no question where she wanted to build her park – her love of the local community determined that Frederick was the answer.

After finding the land in 2016, Conner and her team worked with MacroLTD, and all of the planning and financing went through in the summer of 2018. Conner teramed up with Elevation Aerial Design to create the plans for the 10-acre space that would become TreeTrekkers. The site features a central platform up in the trees that leads to 14 different courses. The courses range in height and difficulty, with the highest one reaching 65 feet above the ground. Adventurers climb, swing, and zip as they make their way from tree to tree. Obstacles such as ropes, bridges, barrels, and more add to the challenge, and to the fun. There are more than 25 zip lines in total, giving the climbers a chance to glide through the trees in the beautiful forest setting.

Outside of the main courses, you will find climbing areas for beginners. The Wander Web is a continuous loop of challenges, giving new climbers options as they make their way through the elevated maze. TreeTrekkers will also soon be adding an area they call Munchkin Meadow, which will feature ground obstacles for the younger kids to enjoy.

The park also includes pavilions to host groups, and they have already been put to good use. After just opening this summer, Conner says the park generally sees more than 150 people visitors on a Saturday. She hopes to develop future partnerships with schools and community groups, making TreeTrekkers a true part of the Frederick community.

You can check out TreeTrekkers at 9560 Old National Pike in Frederick, or online at