Minority-Owned Business Profile: George Street Services

George Services Inc. is a woman-owned small business focused on solving the toughest challenges in the intelligence and cyberspace communities. Located in Walkersville, the company is an action-driven technology company providing software and IT solutions. The owner and founder, Theresa Harrison, is a Baltimore native who grew up in a family of eleven siblings. Theresa attended Western High School, the first public high school for girls. She went on to attend Frostburg University where she received her B.S. and M.B.A. in Engineering, and currently serves as Vice Chair of their College of Business Advisory Board.

From 1996-2008, Theresa was co-owner and president of Athenyx, LLC, #7 on the Greater Washington Fast 50 list. Athenyx was acquired in 2008, and Theresa then launched George Street Services which became one of the fastest growing IT and Cyber Security technology and management services companies in the DC metro region. The company provides expert level logistics and lifecycle support services, management consulting services, cyber security and relies heavy on domain knowledge. George Street Services Inc. builds 3 tiered web applications, geographical information systems, cloud analytics and emerging loT standards.

Theresa won the Entrepreneur Council of Frederick County Entrepreneur Award - Large Established Business in 2016 and was the inspiring keynote speaker for the 2017 awards ceremony. Through George Street Services and as a member of various community organizations she assists homeless school children, provides resources to the Frederick County Food Bank, awards scholarships to FCPS high school graduates, supports senior citizens and financially educates and advises community members. She also serves on the Advisory Board for BB&T.