MBED Class of 2020 - Marie Greenbank

Marie Greenbank is an accounting and business strategist for creative and holistic entrepreneurs and business owners. She is the owner of Greenbank Business Services out of Myersville, Maryland. Her last name, “Greenbank”, provides appropriate nomenclature for her business motto, helping businesses to have “More Green Bank Days.”

Greenbank launched her business after identifying a lack of adequate financial literacy competency among business owners. Sparked by her own need to become financially literate after completing her undergraduate studies, Greenbank began her career in accounting through assisting herself and her colleagues in saving hundreds of dollars a month by incorporating financial management strategies into their lives and successfully bidding and receiving local, state, and federal grants for higher education institutions in Baltimore, MD. After realizing she had a knack for money management, Greenbank shifted her career in Health Policy to Financial Management. 

Since then, Greenbank has earned several certifications, managed multi-million dollar budgets in private, nonprofit, and government organizations, and learned how to help others make sense of their finances. 

Greenbank chose to take the Frederick County Minority Business Executive Development class to develop and refresh her executive skills. Greenbank intends to expand her business and says, “I hope to grow my team within the next twelve months, and I am developing the strategy to implement the next level of growth for my business”. She hopes to gain current insights on organizational development, marketing, and organizational management to grow her business.

When asked about diversity and its importance, Greenbank uses a broad range of identity factors, including varying ethnic, socioeconomic, ideological, and cultural backgrounds, to define her perspective. To Greenbank, “diversity brings the benefits of a different len, allowing for more opportunities to: identify solutions to problems, identify new problems that may not have been apparent, and to develop new solutions that serve a broader range of individuals and communities. More importantly, it allows businesses to better serve their clients/communities by creating a sense of belonging through representation and better cultural awareness.”

To learn more about Marie Greenbank, visit her website: https://www.greenbankbusinessservices.com/about