Manufacturing Business Profile: STULZ USA

Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in Frederick County’s economy and provides a strong backbone to our growing community. With more than 248,000sf and more than 380 employees, STULZ Air Technology Systems (STULZ USA) is a major contributor to Frederick’s economy. According to Jodie Bollinger, Business Development Specialist for the Frederick County Office of Economic Development, “We applaud STULZ USA for their forward thinking and innovative products, designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs in data centers.”

As a recipient of the Regional Manufacturing Institute’s (RMI) Maryland Manufacturing Champion, STULZ was recognized for their ability to innovate and execute upon innovation and deliver new product and processes to the market.  As a leader in the manufacturing of environmental control equipment, STULZ earned its reputation as an innovator, introducing EC plug fan technology into computer room air handlers, presenting an energy saving solution that became the new standard for data center cooling.  

Today, STULZ USA is pushing the boundaries of data center technology by combining state of the art air cooling solutions with direct liquid chip cooling technology from partner CoolIT Systems Inc. The recently announced STULZ Micro DC can use these combined technologies to offer supercomputer levels of performance in a highly efficient modular enclosure that is not much bigger than a household refrigerator. Applications for this type of product go beyond data centers to include medical facilities, telecommunications centers, universities, laboratories, financial institutions, and more.

The global STULZ Group, headquartered in Germany, includes two major divisions, seven production plants, and hundreds of sales and service partners around the world. STULZ USA designs and manufactures mission critical solutions specifically for the needs of customers in North America based out of their facility in Frederick. STULZ USA's local design and manufacturing capabilities have attracted some of the biggest internet companies and data center infrastructure providers to Frederick in order to create purpose built solutions for their mission critical applications. 

“Delivering innovative and efficient precision cooling solutions is at the core of everything we do,” said Brian Hatmaker, Vice President of STULZ USA. “Frederick has been the home to STULZ USA for over 25 years. Our leadership has deep roots in the community and we are proud to contribute to the local economy. It is an honor to be an RMI Maryland Manufacturing Champion.”

The Frederick County Office of Economic Development is committed to support and provide resources for manufacturers to grow and succeed.  Call our office at 301-600-1668 or visit our website at for information on Frederick’s manufacturing industry.

About STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc. 
STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc. (STULZ USA) is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of environmental control equipment including a full line of energy efficient precision air conditioners, air handling units, ultrasonic humidifiers, and desiccant dehumidifiers. For more information about STULZ USA and its products, e-mail your request to or visit