Main Street Program Q&A, Town of New Market

Can you tell us about the Main Street Program and what it means to manage the Main Street in the Town of New Market?  

We are the 30th and newest Main Street to be designated in Maryland. While we have been following main street principals for many years, we are still learning the art of being a Maryland Main Street. We look forward to working with other county main streets and promoting our town state wide now that we are part of a larger organization. We are appreciative of the new financial support from the county and state to aid in our efforts.  

As a brand new Main Street Community and a small town, the Town has chosen to take the lead in managing the Main Street effort, management is a team effort. Two town staff are sharing the Main Street Manager duties Maria Tryfiates-Dalton and Pat Faux. Maria and Pat coordinate with Steve Pippin, who is the President of the New Market Civic Partnership (NMCP) and with our citizen led committees the events committee and the Green Team of local residents and business people. Our volunteer led Green Team committee and our Events committee play a large role. They are in the trenches planning and implementing our Main Street Activities and projects.  Jen Runkles and Howard Wilson respectively chair these two committees.

What role and responsibilities do you have in your community?

Maria Tryfiates-Dalton: I serve as our Main Street Coordinator and function as a conduit of information to others working on the Main Street program. I am in the town office and coordinate town grant applications, reporting to the county and the state. I also partner with the town’s clerk-treasure to track funding and expenditures.

Pat Faux: I serve as the Town Planner/zoning administrator, I work with current and new business owners and property owners seeking to invest in the district. My team at the Faux Group provides needed technical services – for example we organized the facade program, prepared the applications for affiliate and full main street designation and Sustainable District designation.  

Steve Pippin: I am the President of the New Market Civic Partnership, Inc. (NMCP) our new 501C3.   We are authorized by the town to administer main street grant programs, studies etc.  Until recently I was the Chair of the Events Committee as well. We recently completed a branding study for the town and will be administering the new Façade Program once it is funded 

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Steve: Helping the economic renovation of New Market in a way that appreciates and showcases the town’s unique characteristics.

Pat: Seeing the new businesses open on the street, and more people strolling the street and enthusiastically talking about their visit and experiences at town events  

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Steve: Finding and maintaining a steady supply of energetic volunteers to work together year after year to organize events and build them up over time.  

Pat: Being patient, supportive, persistent and persevering, knowing that not all the great ideas people bring us will be implemented or thrive and those that do will take time. Working with a community of unique small businesses and individual entrepreneurs has its own special joys and challenges.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Steve: Forming the 501C3, organizing the 2nd year house tour, and working on the 1st Wine Fest and branding study.

Pat: Beyond achieving three new designations – seeking and receiving grant funding for town projects. One recently completed grant-funded project was for the new town signs funded by our first DHCD Community Legacy Grant. Another grant-funded project entails $200k for special new playground equipment that will help attract children and their families to Main Street. We anticipate the playground to open early next spring! Most exciting of all, is seeing 9 new business open on Main Street in the past few years.

What is the vibe of your Main Street?

Steve and Pat: New Market has been a handsome mixed residential, merchant and maker’s place for over two centuries. Most of our properties look like residences but serve many purposes. People live, work and create in the district. We have craftsman, artisans, artists and unique shops and services.  We are expanding from a weekend tourist destination to a thriving seven day a week district serving daytime district workers and local residents who live downtown and close by and walk downtown to eat, exercise and play in the evening.

What are three things that you think people should know about your Main Street but probably don’t?

Pat: New Market has been known as an antiques destination and home to local artisans for decades, but it also has great specialty shops, a children’s museum, several great restaurants, a great local winery, several venues for gatherings and now a thriving biweekly open-air/farmers market.  

Steve: in addition to all the above—the experience is very walkable and the atmosphere is family friendly and inviting.

What do you love to do for fun in New Market?

Pat: Browse the shops in town – meet friends and associates at the local winery and restaurants and go to garden parties.

Steve: Chat with neighbors and enjoy the old houses.

What is your vision for the future of your Main Street?

Pat and Steve: We want New Market’s Main Street district to function as the capitol of this part of the County. Our vision is to serve the retail, service and entertainment needs of the Greater New Market area and provide employment for Greater New Market residents. We see the district as ideally suited and located as a place for craftsman, artisans, artists and unique shops and services and plan to attract more of these. We seek to preserve our heritage and historic character while embracing the future.

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