Lonza Walkersville Growing Their Workforce

Lonza is an international company with over 120 locations in 35 countries, that combines technological innovation with world class manufacturing and process excellence, and has been a major employer in Frederick County for many years. The Walkersville site started their operations back in the 1970’s.  After several changes in ownership and building additions, the site maintains their deep history and big presence in the Walkersville community. 

The Lonza Walkersville location is the headquarters for Lonza Bioscience and is a leading provider of biology-based solutions to life-science customers, servicing research organizations, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, and generic drug companies worldwide. They also provide life science researchers with the tools they need to develop and test therapeutics, from basic research to final product release. Lonza’s Bioscience products and services range from cell culture and discovery technologies for research to quality control tests and software for biomanufacturing. At Lonza Walkersville, they also focus on the production of endotoxin detection kits.  Endotoxin tests use blood cells from horseshoe crabs to detect bacterial endotoxins in injectable products or implantable medical devices that will have direct or indirect contact with the bloodstream or spinal fluid.

Very important work takes place at this site by producing products that enhance science and save lives, and most recently Lonza as a whole is playing a big role in the fight against COVID-19.  In a collaboration with Moderna’s vaccine manufacturing, Lonza is the exclusive external manufacturer of a very important component of the drug substance.  Lonza’s expertise in a broad range of manufacturing processes, scaling from clinical to commercial, has given them this opportunity to work with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lonza Walkersville is looking to grow their team with various positions open at the moment, and they have shared with us some insights..  “The Walkersville site feels like a small town, welcoming family,” shared Kimberly Kaufman, Communications Business Partner, who became part of the team about two years ago. The team at the site really embraces their “family culture” atmosphere by offering different perks such as an onsite Community Garden, a café with outdoor gathering tables, and they also welcome their employees’ families with an open house and treats for the little ones. 

For more information about the careers at Lonza visit: https://www.lonza.com/careers/job-search?q=*&pg=1&rows=100&job_location_facet_sm=United+States%2c+Walkersville+(Maryland).

“Lonza continues to grow their team at Walkersville, and we are happy to share their story to our business community” shared Solash Aviles-Montanez Senior Business Development Manager for Frederick County’s Office of Economic Development.  Visit http://www.discoverfrederickmd.com/bioscience for more information about the Bioscience presence in Frederick County.