Local Support Propels Regenerative Medicine Forward: The RoosterBio Story

RoosterBio Inc., a thriving stem cell tools company headquartered in Frederick, MD, is driving the cell-based bioeconomy by changing how companies and institutions produce, consume, and use living cells.  RoosterBio provides standardized stem cell product platforms designed to remove several years and millions of dollars from product development and clinical testing.

Fast-growing cell therapy, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine (RM) markets are propelled forward by the availability of clinically-relevant stem cell systems that have been robustly engineered to scale. Since the inception of RoosterBio in 2013, the company has rapidly grown to reach over 200 customers worldwide; shipping cells and bioprocess media systems within North America, Europe, and Asia. Further, in early 2018, RoosterBio commercialized CliniControl™ cells - the industry’s first cGMP Human Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells (hMSCs) for widespread manufacturing, following through on the commitment to radically change the use of stem cells.

RoosterBio is blasting open a longstanding technology bottleneck and accelerating a more sustainable RM industry. Until now, researchers were obligated to invest sizable resources into building deep cell banks to assure reproducible experiments and clinical trial materials. This burdensome process dams the wellspring of progress, as potentially life-changing experiments wait for resource availability. Founded by scientists, RoosterBio created “off the shelf” products that enable customers to leap ahead in their own research and manufacturing.

From the early days to present-day, RoosterBio has struck up many collaborations and has won several government awards including SBIR grants and a multimillion-dollar contract from the Department of Defense-sponsored Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC).  The MTEC contract focused on scaling up stem cell manufacturing into commercially-relevant bioreactor platforms and tied in a handful of key relationships with GenCure, the US Army Institute for Surgical Research, and StemBioSys.  Further, commercialization initiatives from organizations like TEDCO and the Maryland Stem Cell Research Foundation acted as catalysts and nurtured RoosterBio’s innovation early on – by awarding RoosterBio timely grants, and by providing technical and business assistance to small technology-based companies in rural areas of Maryland.  There has never been a better time to start a biotechnology company in Maryland.

According to Helen Propheter, Frederick County Office of Economic Development Director, “RoosterBio serves as a proven model for other companies located at Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI) Incubator, an incubator for small and beginning biotechnology and high-tech firms, providing resources to grow, stabilize, and quickly sell to commercial markets”. RoosterBio recently graduated from FITCI and moved to the Offices at Westview located at 5295 Westview Drive, Suite 275, Frederick, MD 21703.

Throughout their journey from one lab and one office to the recent grand opening of their new 14,000 ft.2 facility, this Maryland-based company has brought over $12 million to the area in just over 5 years. They currently have 27 employees and plan to expand to over 50 in the next few years. Thanks to many collaborations and the ongoing support from TEDCO, FITCI, the Frederick County Office of Economic Development, and the Maryland Department of Commerce in Frederick, RoosterBio will continue to grow and have a lasting impact on an industry that delivers life-changing treatments.

Margot Connor, RoosterBio’s Chief Executive Officer, says, “The team at RoosterBio is incredibly passionate and dedicated, and this enthusiasm extends to our advocates and collaborators.  We have been able to thrive in the Maryland biotechnology ecosystem with entrepreneurial support in launching and growing our company. We’re committed to this region and we’re excited to significantly expand our stem cell biomanufacturing operations in Frederick. We believe that the growth in Regenerative Medicine manufacturing will be a key economic development driver for this state, and we aim to serve as a cornerstone for this critical initiative.”