Local Partnerships Connect the Dots, Leading to Business Success

Serving under the Office of Economic Development (OED), Workforce Services leads many of the county’s talent development solutions, relying heavily on the power of connections through partnerships in order to achieve this goal.

Consider the following scenario:

A small business and recent successful graduate of the Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI) reaches out to OED because they need a larger office space…..

The business development specialists at OED find out that the business is also looking to hire a Marketing and Business Development Manager…..

A referral to the business team at Workforce Services provides this business with a recruitment and hiring solution…..

From this new partnership, the business learns that they can get job posting assistance, candidate/applicant pre-screening, and for qualifying situations, grant funding to train that employee on proprietary software the company is using…..

In the coming months, the business reaches out for assistance in getting connected to government contracting opportunities…..

Fast forward five years…..and that business has established strong roots in Frederick County, is familiar with all the business support systems and solutions it needs for continued success and growth, and now has 15 employees!     

Ensuring that businesses have access to the talent they need to thrive is critical to our local economy.  The partnership between economic and workforce development connects the dots that maximize resources and efficiencies for local businesses, leading to growth and success.