Kroger Makes the E-Commerce Big Time

One of the biggest stories of this pandemic year is the rise of food retail e-commerce, and now Kroger is providing another example of that trend.

For the first time, Kroger has broken into the top 10 U.S. e-commerce retailers list as determined by eMarketer, holding the No. 9 spot, inching just past Costco Wholesale. According to the eMarketer estimate, Kroger 2020 e-commerce sales are set to hit $11.28 billion — ahead of Costco ($11.18 billion) and behind Target ($13.82 billion, at the No. 7 spot), Walmart ($46.20 billion, No. 2) and Amazon ($309.58 billion, No. 1). Wayfair (8), Best Buy (6), The Home Depot (5), Apple (4) and eBay (3) also made this most recent eMarketer list.


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