Keeping Fit During COVID-19 – Crossfit Frederick Changing the Way They Do Business

March 30, 2020 - It is not breaking news that small businesses have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak after having to close their doors temporarily.  Despite all this, what stands out is the way some of the businesses are still trying to provide great service to their customers.  A great example of this is CrossFit Frederick located at Pegasus Court here in Frederick County, where the owner, Kristyn Bojonny, continues to provide support for the fitness needs of the gym members. 

This type of business relies on face to face interactions, providing constant feedback and encouragement to the class participants.  To achieve a similar experience CrossFit Frederick started to provide their classes online using the video conferencing tool “Zoom”  With this platform Kristyn and the participants are able to see and hear each other, offering an interactive fitness experience in the comfort and flexibility of their homes. 

Kristyn keeps her community active by posting the daily workouts online for the gym members to complete, as well as adapting the exercises to limit the equipment necessary at home.  Another way she has been staying in touch with the gym members and business community is through social media, where she is able to connect with everybody and keep them posted on the latest news and workouts. 

With the online approach, CrossFit Frederick is helping the community stay healthy while maintaining the social distancing recommended by the CDC.   CrossFit Frederick is always happy to receive new members and she offers a free first class for people to try her gym.  Please visit the website for more details.

According to Solash Aviles, Senior Business Development Manager for the Frederick County Office of Economic Development, “Businesses are changing the way they do business and CrossFit Frederick has embraced technology to meet the demands of their customers.”  For more information on businesses changing the way they do business and updated information on available resources and programs, visit