Jason Lee: The Business Journey of a Frederick Native

In honor of Black History Month, the Frederick County Office of Economic Development will highlight influential black business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in the Frederick County community.

Currently the CEO of Lee Building Maintenance, Jason Lee began his business journey right here in Frederick County. Growing up, Lee always knew he wanted to be self-employed. As a young fast food worker, he found inspiration in the small business that cleaned his employer’s restaurant windows. That led him to begin his own window washing venture, cleaning at establishments around the Frederick area. His passion for business and drive to succeed had been ignited.

The Frederick native lists passion as one of the biggest factors in starting and running a business. His experiences have also taught him the importance in finding the right people. Lee says understanding how to work with people is key: learning how to identify a person’s strengths, give them the tools they need, and then let them do their job.

Lee is also a big believer in being active in the community. He finds joy in giving back and serving others, and encourages business owners to get involved. From Rotary Club, to the Chamber of Commerce, to serving on boards and backing initiatives he truly cares about, Lee is regularly involved in the happenings of Frederick County. He says Frederick’s ability to maintain a “small town feel” with a business community that is constantly growing and evolving is what makes the area so unique.

As his commercial cleaning and maintenance company approaches its fifth year in business, Jason Lee is excited for what the future holds. His journey of entrepreneurship hasn’t always been easy. In fact, he credits the “No’s” he has received along the way for making him the person he is today. Lee’s advice to other entrepreneurs looking to get started in business: “Figure out your passion, know your numbers, learn how to work with people, and get involved.”