How Manufacturers Save on Energy Costs

The Frederick County Office of Economic Development partnered recently with First Energy (First Potomac) and the Regional Manufacturing Institute (RMI) to hold an event for our local manufacturing companies to discuss money-saving programs and resources to save on energy costs.

The Frederick County Office of Economic conducted a survey to the manufacturers regarding their power needs.  According to the results, over 66% of the manufacturers responded that they are planning facility upgrades within the near future.  A total of 38% of the group said that they pay over $100,000 per year annually on electricity.  And, over 66% responded that their energy needs will grow in the next 1-2 years.  Surprisingly, 61% of the group have not taken advantage of energy incentive programs. 

According to Jodie Bollinger, Senior Business Development Specialist for the Frederick County Office of Economic Development, “Given this data, and the possible energy supply rate increase, our office wanted to provide our local manufacturers information on resources and programs to save on energy costs.  The manufacturing industry is an integral part of Frederick’s economy and we seek out resources to help them grow.”

Some of the companies that attended the event included: EDCO, Image Direct, Patriot Technologies, Phoenix Mecano, S.W. Barrick & Sons, Skyworks, Structural LLC, and Trans-Tech.  There were two manufacturing companies that just located their business to Frederick, Industrial Indicators and Steel Ball Project who thought the event was very informative and appreciated meeting their fellow manufacturers.

Frederick County manufacturers were given information on First Energy’s (Potomac Edison) EmPOWER Maryland Program as well as information on how RMI saved 80 manufacturers $7.5 million in energy costs.

For more information on the energy saving programs, please contact Jodie Bollinger, Frederick County Office of Economic Development at 301-600-1058 or go to