Hard Hat Happy Hour Held for New Partner Veterinary Location

Recently, Partner Veterinary hosted a “Hard Hat Happy Hour” at their new location in the Frederick Crossing plaza, which will soon be under construction and is slated to open in 2023. The 20,000 sq. ft. space is the former location of A.C. Moore and will become a new Urgent, Emergency, and Specialty Center for pet families in the Frederick area. Once open, they will be able to provide a number of enhanced pet care options when primary veterinary offices are closed or unavailable.

Event guests were encouraged to bring items to donate to the Humane Society of Frederick and the Partner Veterinary team collected more than 50 items, including dog and cat food, blankets, and other much-needed goods.

“We are so excited to bring this amazing new facility to Frederick pet families and share our vision with everyone of what it soon will become,” stated Partner Veterinary President, Christine Stafford. “The goal of the event was to invite our partners and the local veterinary community to see the space and let them know everything we have planned, while also providing them with an opportunity to give back to the Humane Society of Frederick."

The event included over 100 guests and an array of local businesses that have teamed up with Partner Veterinary to make the project a reality, including Morgan-Keller, Bates Architects, IDEXX, EDGE Commercial Real Estate, and MWI Animal Health. Partner Veterinary is headquartered in Frederick and currently has an Urgent Care facility open in Richmond, Virginia, with construction underway to add a new Emergency and Specialty Center in the Richmond area in early 2023 as well.

The new Frederick location will be unique in terms of the level and type of services they can offer, which will include anything from treating allergic reactions and vomiting to acute trauma and heatstroke to oncology, surgery, and in-house MRI and CT.

To learn more about Partner Veterinary, please visit https://partnervesc.com/.