Got Milk? Dairy Maid Dairy Does

Dairy Maid Dairy, founded in 1946 by Joseph Vona, processes, packages and distributes milk and fruit juices at their facility located on East Street in downtown Frederick. In 2013, the company was purchased by Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) as part of DFA’s acquisition strategy and commitment to their farmer-owners to expand their investments in processing and to continue to grow the U.S. dairy industry. Dairy Maid Dairy operates as a subsidiary of Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.

DFA is the nation’s largest dairy farmer-owned milk marketing cooperative. The cooperative consists of more than 13,000 dairy producers in 48 states. They kept the Dairy Maid Dairy name and continue to operate the Frederick milk processing plant.

“Dairy Maid Dairy has been a long standing company in Frederick. They are a great success story of blending two of our targeted industries, agriculture and manufacturing,” stated Jodie Bollinger, Business Development Specialist for the Frederick County Office of Economic Development.

According to David Staz, General Manager, “Our history is an important part of who we are. Today our employees are who make us great. Frederick County provides a well-rounded community for us to thrive.” Dairy Maid Dairy currently has 150 full-time employees and another 40 temporary workers. 

Customers include grocery chains, schools and government entities such as prisons and military installations.  Milk to the facility is supplied by a variety of sources including DFA, Maryland-Virginia, Lanco, Land O’Lakes, Cumberland Valley and Dairy Marketing Services.

In 2014 DFA invested over $2 million into the facility and put in their own wastewater treatment plant. They are currently upgrading their equipment and undergoing a major plant expansion within their facility to accommodate their growth.

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