From a Food Truck to Opening a New Restaurant…. Dreams do come true!

It all started with an idea, a dream of having his own restaurant and making good food for people to enjoy.  Steve Renzi worked at a pizza place when growing up in Connecticut and this experience sparked this dream of cooking and owning his very own restaurant.  Years passed by and eventually Steve decided to start with a food truck, selling wood-fired pizza.  He called it Renzi’s Pizza.  Owning the food truck and being able to go around the county gave Renzi’s Pizza an opportunity for people to try his pizza and to start his clientele.

Now, three years later, Steve decided to fulfill his lifetime dream and open his restaurant - Renzi’s Pizza located at 2 West Frederick Street in Walkersville, Maryland.  With an amazing team, including friends and family, Renzi’s Pizza opened in the middle of a pandemic on May 29th.  The restaurant was a success its opening weekend; they sold out on the first two days.  “My family and I had the opportunity to try Renzi’s Pizza for lunch, and I should say it was delicious!  Not only was the pizza fantastic, our order was on time and the service was excellent,” shared Solash Aviles, Business Development Manager, Frederick County Office of Economic Development.

Renzi’s Pizza also partners with local suppliers like Farmer’s Daughter, Food Pro, and Hemp’s Meat, who provide Renzi’s with local quality ingredients that come to life in a delicious pizza.  Renzi’s decision to open his restaurant during a pandemic shows the strong commitment of our small businesses to the community, bringing services and good food for everyone to enjoy.

Renzi’s Pizza is open from Wednesday to Sunday and they take pride in their customer service and treating people with respect from their restaurant to their community.   Renzi’s provides pick-up or delivery.  For more information, please visit their website Try this amazing wood fired pizza and contribute to the success of small businesses in Frederick County.