Frederick’s Manufacturers Matter…..

Today is National Manufacturing Day – a day where we celebrate the American manufacturers and their workers who give meaning to the phrase “MADE IN USA”. 

Manufacturing is Maryland’s economic engine and is vital to our economy and our future.  Overall, manufacturing contributes trillions of dollars to the US economy, drives more innovation through research and development than any other sector, is globally competitive, with exporting and foreign direct investment at record high levels and has the highest multiplier effect meaning for every 1 job in manufacturing, there are four jobs that support it. 

Manufacturers are hiring and training new workers, investing in equipment and facilities, raising wages and benefits and giving back to their communities.  In Frederick, there are a total of 180 advanced manufacturers ranging from biopharmaceuticals to sensors to printing to food and craft beverages.  Frederick is fortunate to have such a diverse group of manufacturers. According to Frederick County manufacturers, manufacturing means: Opportunity, Jobs, Economic Sustainability and Ingenuity and more.

Jodie Bollinger, Senior Business Development Specialist for the Frederick County Office of Economic Development said, “Manufacturing is where productivity, innovation and technology converge….our Frederick County manufacturers are making a product that at the end of the day they can be proud of.”

Thank you, to all the manufacturers for all you do for our country, state and community.  For more information on the manufacturing industry, contact Jodie Bollinger, Frederick County Office of Economic Development at 301-600-1068 or visit