Vibe+Tech+Talent in Frederick County

Frederick County, Maryland is where vibe, tech and talent meet. In an effort to attract tech companies and talent in the tech industry to Frederick County, the Frederick County Office of Economic Development (OED) has launched a Vibe+Tech+Talent online digital campaign that includes targeted digital advertising and a new Tech in Frederick video.

Frederick County has experienced a 124% increase in computing and IT business growth and is poised to become a regional technology and innovation driver. “The Vibe+Tech+Talent initiative will spread the word of what we already know in economic development –we’re serious about tech in Frederick County. The tech industry is an emerging strength and although it has experienced impressive recent growth, more work is needed to create a larger tech eco-system,” said OED Director Helen Propheter. “Frederick County has the vibe, and is quickly attracting the tech talent to ensure that our companies are successful in the long-term,” she added.

The Tech in Frederick video was produced by Frederick-based Generation Media and includes business interviews conduced with members of the tech community. “There’s a really vibrant, creative culture here, and we love being in Frederick County,” said Scott Ryser, President  & CEO of Yakaboad, who was interviewed in the video.

Manning Media, a digital marketing agency and broadcasting company in Frederick that serves the Mid-Atlantic region, will do the digital advertising. Online ads this summer will target users in geographic regions with interests that correlate with tech interests.

The computing and IT cluster in Frederick County is made up of 273 smaller to mid-sized companies with average annual wages at $97,627. “With a combination of high wages and a strong State and regional base of activity, Frederick County has a real opportunity to specialize in IT, “ said Propheter.

“Tech companies in Frederick County can benefit from a wealth of resources all designed to increase the likelihood of success for local tech startups,” said OED Assistant Director Heather Gramm. “Organizations like Tech Frederick, the Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc and the Maryland Tech Council offer programs, events and trainings specifically for tech companies and they are all located within our building at ROOT in downtown Frederick,” she added.

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