Find The Right COVID-19 support resources for your business

The Maryland Business Relief Wizard is a life saver.  Just ask Dr. Pierre Reed, CEO and Founder of PMTR Industries. 

What is the Maryland Business Relief Wizard?  It’s a one-stop-shop that pulls the numerous local and national programs for Maryland businesses in need of emergency support together in one place so that businesses and organization could better understand which options are relevant to them, streamlining the process for finding support. 

The Frederick County Office of Economic Development (OED) asked Dr. Reed to share his experience when using this tool. 

“The tool is simply phenomenal!  Business owners across Maryland and beyond will cheer in silence for the essential information the tool provides. As a Maryland Cybersecurity & IT business owner, I was overwhelmed by the amount of COVID-19 business assistance information published on various websites and webcast.  I critically needed and appreciated the information, but I was essentially overwhelmed with the colossal amount of sheer data released.  The tsunami of information left me feeling confused, frustrated, and bewildered,” shared Dr. Reed

He continued, “However, as a small business owner seeking COVID-19 business support information, the Maryland Business Relief Wizard is a life saver.  The tool concisely aggregates numerous local and national programs into a one-stop-shop and user-friendly site.  Without a doubt, the tool definitely hit the target on providing vital information to business owners.”

For additional resources and programs regarding COVID19 relief. You can also accessFrederick County Office of Economic Development’s website at