EmPOWER Business Spotlight: EmPowerment Consulting Services, LLC

Meet Tonya Chubb. Tonya is the Owner and Head Coach at EmPowerment Consulting Services, LLC. Tonya recently graduated from the 2022 FCOED EmPOWER Mentorship Program. Let’s learn more about Tonya and her business!

Q: What is your business and what goods/services do you provide?
A: EmPowerment Consulting Services, LLC specializes in creating customized Life Coaching Strategies for those who desire to reach their personal, professional and life goals.  We work with individuals and business owners to provide coaching strategy sessions for employees in various formats, including but not limited to, one-on-one, group, and workshop formatting.

Q: What inspired you to start your own business?
A: It’s personal.  Childhood words of wisdom and encouragement from the elders in my family and our community.  As a result of my brother’s severe health concerns, my family moved frequently.  When we finally settled in a rural farming community in the North, their belief system regarding African-Americans resulted in me being misplaced in a broken special education system.  My elders and community were able to see beyond the miss-placed labels and they spoke words of life and a future concerning me.  Although I was often taken out of instruction with my same-grade peers and required to get “special service” in a janitorial closet, my elders always told me how smart I was.  They constantly found creative ways to help me use what I had within me to reach my goals.  Believing that there were no boundaries nor limits to my potential, they encouraged me to pursue excellence by identifying strategies that worked for my learning style.  I will never forget their faces when they saw me get my advanced degree from Johns Hopkins University.  They EmPowered me when I did not know that I had it within me.  Words of wisdom and the Spirit to see beyond the present situation are what inspired me to start EmPowerment Consulting Services, LLC.  It’s personal and I want to do the same for others. 

Q: What is your background and how did you develop the skills to start your business?
A: I was able to start my business by setting personal and professional development goals.  I focused on gaining knowledge and skills in areas that would allow me to build my background and have practical experience along with book knowledge.

Q: What inspires your work and what sets you apart from everyone else?
A: My enthusiasm, creativity, and genuine desire to help others and serve as a resource are what inspire me to be an EmPowerment Life Coach.  It is what also sets me apart.  I get to know those who come to me and need a life coach who listens, cares, and will help them set and reach goals.  I am committed to my vision in which the lives of those we serve are improved one goal at a time, positively affecting them, their families, and their communities.

Q: Why do you enjoy doing business in Frederick County?
A: The obvious commitment to inclusion and equity for all is a big reason that I enjoy doing business in Frederick County.  The resources and opportunities to learn are amazing.  I enjoy the small-town love, care, and support with the big-town opportunities to learn and grow. 

Q: Where can people learn more about your business?

Website - www.empowermentcsllc.com
Facebook – www.faebook.com/EmPowermentCS1
Instragram -  www.instagram.com/empowermentcsllc