EmPOWER Business Spotlight: A&S Construction, LLC

Sandra Hoffmeister is the Owner of A&S Construction, LLC. Sandra is also a graduate of the 2022 FCOED EmPOWER Mentorship Program. Let’s get to know Sandra!

Q: What is your business and what goods/services do you provide?
A: A&S Construction provides an extensive range of roofing services. We provide roof repair and roof replacement in Frederick, MD and surrounding areas. Our company is dedicated to providing top notch services in roofing and siding for residential and commercial, as well as repairs and consultations.

Q: What inspired you to start your own business?
A: After working in the industry for 10+ years and with deep knowledge of the trade, I decided to provide the best service to my customers with a personalized touch and attention to detail, giving my customers the best experience.

Q: What is your background and how did you develop the skills to start your business?A: I have a degree in Accounting and Finances, and I worked in this field for many years. I moved to the US in 2006 and worked as an Accounts Payable Manager for a company in Delray Beach, FL until 2010 when I moved to Frederick, MD. Then I switched careers and got a job in a local roofing company where I worked until the middle of 2020. I learned the trade and skills needed to become their Production Manager, overseeing operations for this company in five states.

Q: What inspires your work and what sets you apart from everyone else?
A: Many things inspire me, but most importantly, the fact that I can be successful in the US, and that I am able to inspire other women to follow their dreams and achieve their goals in a male-dominated industry! What sets us apart is the clear and outstanding communication, attention to detail and personalized services that we provide. From the first meeting with the customer until the last day of installation and cleaning, I will be available for any question or issue, and I will be there after the job is done for anything else that my clients may need.

Q: Why do you enjoy doing business in Frederick County?
A: Frederick is HOME. As much as I miss my country, Frederick makes me feel welcome and loved. We are proud of having a great and diverse community of business owners like me, and a great community overall.

Q: Where can people learn more about your business?

Website - www.ansconstruction.net
Email - info@ansconstruction.net
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RoofMaryland
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/roofmaryland/