Emmitsburg Uses Sustainability as Part of Revitalization Plan

Emmitsburg is home to many small businesses and several major employers.  The town has demonstrated commitments to advancing the economy and quality of life though economic development initiatives.  Several years ago, the Town of Emmitsburg embarked on a revitalization strategy, working towards revitalizing the Town Square through community input, consultants and stakeholder meetings. The project, estimated at $3 million, will enhance streetscape, provide wayfinding signage and improve pedestrian connectivity options along Emmitsburg’s main street.  Many businesses and residents in the downtown area of Emmitsburg have taken advantage of the Town’s Maryland Sustainable Communities designation, making them eligible for façade grants to improve the aesthetics of downtown properties. Emmitsburg is also one of four locations in Frederick County that is a Small Business Administration (SBA) designated HUB Zone area (Historically Underutilized Business), giving employers and residents in the area preference to federal contracting opportunities. 

Recently Mayor Don Briggs was awarded the first Theodore Roosevelt Award, acknowledging his remarkable record of progress in public beneficial sustainable activities in Emmitsburg from the Maryland League of Conservation Voters.  At the awards event Mayor Briggs was recognized for his work that will ensure a high quality of life for future generations of Emmitsburg residents. Some of the projects highlighted were building solar arrays, power infrastructure in the town, installing LED street lights, creating community gardens and mountain bike trails and passing a pet waste ordinance.

Congratulations Mayor Briggs for your leadership and to the town for advancing the economy and quality of life in Emmitsburg!

Thank you for making our County a great place to live and work.