“Cool” Technology Developed by Local Company

Emanate Wireless, a Frederick County advanced technology company, has created a technology that will alert temperature control problems before they happen, ultimately saving thousands of dollars in losses that can occur if critical assets and supplies are damaged due to incorrect storage temperatures.  This technology is crucial in preserving expensive pharmaceuticals, vaccines or human organs and tissues requiring a constant temperature for storage.

The technology is called PowerPath Temp and it monitors internal temperatures and power consumption of any device designed for temperature controlled storage for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. It can detect open doors, compressor issues and AC power outages, alerting users before temperatures get out of control.  According to Jodie Bollinger, Director of Business Retention and Expansion, “The industries that Emante Wireless serve are important to the State of Maryland as well as Frederick County.  We are thrilled to have them as a part of our community and providing the technology needed for the safety of storing critical assets.”

Easily installed, the TempTag mounts on the side of a healthcare refrigerator/freezer and gets plugged in between the refrigerator/freezer and an AC power outlet, with a temperature probe routed behind the door seal.  The PowerPath device includes a rechargeable battery so if there was a power outage, the user is notified immediately.

Founded in 2014 and located in Frederick County and Ohio, Emanate Wireless has six employees.  In addition to PowerPath Temp, Emanate Wireless is in a trial phase for the development of a new technology called UCLS, which will measure the utilization, condition and location of clinical devices used in the healthcare industry.  In addition, in response to COVID19, Emanate Wireless is developing a simple smartphone app which can measure the breathing rate of patients with the virus and submit the information to their doctor without them having to visit a doctor’s office or medical facility. 

Emanate Wireless worked with Robert Bower of the Frederick County Small Business Development Center to assist them with getting a Paycheck Protection Program loan.  According to Libby Hess, CFO of Emanate Wireless, “We were thrilled to have been approved for the PPP loan and plan on keeping all of our employees during this time.  This will enable Emanate to continue work on both the UCLS and the Respiratory Rate App.  Each of these are directly applicable to the current pandemic conditions when hospital equipment availability is a particularly critical factor in providing care.  We are quickly working on a demonstration with a major hospital system that will use our smart tags as part of a system to provide data for a dashboard that tracks ventilator location and usage state, e.g. busy vs. idle, at one of their hospitals.  We hope that the smartphone Respiratory Rate App can serve as a simple diagnostic tool for patients to use in the safety of their homes, assisting care providers in evaluation without exposing patients to a potentially dangerous medical environment.”

For more information on Emanate Wireless, go to http://www.emanatewireless.com/