Competitive Edge Schedule 2022

The Competitive Edge Series provides business owners with the tools they need to improve their business and help grow their success. The Partnership knows that small businesses do not have easy access to training to continually sharpen their competitive edge. This series helps to fill that gap.

Sessions are free and open to small business owners throughout Frederick County, with workshops focusing on topics of interest to entrepreneurs.

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Workshops are held on the second Tuesday of each month, from 8:30-9:30AM at the Delaplaine Arts Center (40 S Carroll St). The May 16 session is an all-day tour of Downtown Frederick, which will last from 11:30AM-5PM.

ASL interpretation will be provided • Masks are required for all attendees
Advance registration is strongly encouraged • Recordings will be made available online following each workshop

JAN 18 – On the Job: Creating a Workplace that Works for Everyone (Now Virtual)

As a small business owner, your employees can sometimes feel like family… but what can you do to ensure yourworkplace is really a welcoming home to all? Latrice Lewis, Business and Employment Consultant with FrederickCounty Workforce Services, will guide us through an honest discussion about the topic of diversity, equity andinclusion as a small business. Learn the steps you can take to hire a diverse workforce and create an inclusiveand welcoming environment for your employees.

FEB 15 – What Message Are You Sending? Inclusive Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

What is your website really saying about your business? What about the photos on your social media? Youradvertisements? Your brand? It’s time to take a fresh look at your marketing strategies. View your business throughthe eyes of others and consider how your messages look or sound to them. Do the messages you’re putting out inthe world truly reflect the principles by which your business operates? Can everyone find themselves reflected inyour brand? Join us for this thought-provoking workshop, where we will cover inclusive marketing strategies andideas for your small business.

MAR 15 – Deaf Culture and Your Business: Making Connections Happen

Frederick is home to thousands of deaf and hard of hearing residents, and Maryland has over 1.2 million residentswho are deaf or hard of hearing. Is your business as welcoming and accessible as it could be? Are your staff trainedto effectively communicate and engage with deaf and hard of hearing customers? Join us for this informationalworkshop led by the Maryland Deaf Community Center to learn about deaf culture and how your business can betteraccommodate the deaf and hard of hearing community.

APR 19 – Smart Steps: ADA Guidance for Your Business

Older buildings can be a little tricky. How can your business provide an accessible experience for customers withmobility issues or disabilities, all while working within the limited footprint of an historic commercial space? Thismonth we’re joined by the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center to provide information and guidance on the Americans withDisabilities Act, and some of the steps your business can take to create a welcoming experience for people withdifferent levels of mobility.

MAY 16 – The Heartbeat of Frederick: Meet the Groups Serving Our Community

Get to know the many organizations, clubs and resources that exist in your own backyard. In place of our regular“City Visit,” we’re taking local businesses on an insider’s tour of Frederick, Maryland. Throughout the day, we’llhear from many of the groups who serve diverse communities throughout Frederick County. We’ll learn abouttheir programs and mission, as well as the resources they offer to those they serve. Come with an open mind anddiscover something new about the place you call home.