Closing the Skills Gap to Help Businesses Succeed

Micha Hagans from Frederick County Workforce Services is our Guest Blogger today.

According to the National Federation of Independent Business, nearly half of all private companies are not able to find qualified job seekers to fill open positions.  Approximately 60% of all businesses have open positions for twelve weeks or more, due to a lack of skills in the applicant pool, even for entry-level jobs.

The skills gap stems from many different circumstances.  In some cases, it is a young adult attempting to enter the workforce without experience. It can also be an older worker with a strong work ethic but a lack of technology skills, or a career changer forced to adapt to a new industry. Whatever the situation for these job seekers, the “skills gap” population represents a huge pool of untapped talent for businesses.

Frederick County Workforce Services provides job seekers with the resources and tools they need to close the skills gap and meet business standards of highly qualified candidates. We accomplish this by offering the following free services:

  • Specialized Career Assessments focused on skills, abilities, interests and work values, to help job seekers identify their strongest matches based on industry or job title.
  • Labor Market Research to determine local workforce needs and align with the job seeker’s skills and strengths.
  • Industry Standards Research to assess gaps in education, hands-on experience, or credentials needed to be a highly qualified candidate.
  • Training Funds for eligible job seekers to target their skills upgrade, including GED attainment, ESL courses, occupation certifications or licensures, completion of a degree program, internships, or on-the-job training.
  • Resume and Interview Skills so job seekers can effectively articulate their qualifications to show what they can do for your business.
  • Workplace Readiness programs covering communication, enthusiasm & attitude, teamwork, problem solving & critical thinking, as well as professionalism.

By investing in this untapped talent pool, Frederick County Workforce Services can help alleviate critical skills gaps in local high-demand industries, connecting job seekers to promising career paths while helping businesses succeed with qualified candidates!

Jobseekers can connect with us at, via email at, or in person by visiting our center at 200 Monroe Avenue, Frederick MD.  

Businesses can connect with us at, via email at or by speaking directly with a member of our Business Services team at 301.600.2255.