CHAPS Pit Beef - Supporting the Community

CHAPS is an east coast barbeque restaurant where everything is cooked on a charbroiled open pit. CHAPS does not have any freezers or microwaves so food is served fresh each and every day, and they have a nice selection of beer and wine available.

The Director of Operations Josh VerStandig said he chose Frederick because it is a growing city, and it is a great community with good down to earth people.  The Westview location serves as a great anchor to I-70 and I-270.  “Frederick is a great place to raise a family,” says Josh.  He moved to Frederick from Baltimore when he opened CHAPS. The restaurant located at 4969 Westview Drive opened in June of 2018.  There are 12 full time employees and the restaurant is open 7 days a week. The major factor that makes CHAPS Pit Beef unique is the food is cooked on a charbroiled open pit and that the franchise is locally owned. So, it is not surprising to see the owner behind the counter or operating the pit as well.

There is a formal training program where employees are trained on each of the workstations. During the pandemic bonuses were given to the employees and while most of the employees were retained a few were laid off.  Amazingly, every employee that was laid off was rehired back at a higher wage and given a bonus. Employees are also treated to free meals from other local surrounding restaurants in an effort to establish and maintain high morale.

Supporting the community is the main mission of CHAPS Pit Beef and during the pandemic 500 roles of free toilet paper were given out and essential grocery items such as meat, bread, vegetables, and condiments were sold to the public at cost so they could avoid going to the grocery store.

In the words of Josh, “I feel very blessed to be in a community where I am able to support them back. 

CHAPS Pit Beef is located at 4969 Westview Drive, Frederick, Maryland 21703 and their website is: While there is indoor and outdoor dining available, space is limited.  Carryout is available.  You can call ahead, order online or in person.