City of Brunswick Designated as Frederick County's First State Enterprise Zone

During her weekly public information briefing, Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner recognized the City of Brunswick as a new recipient of a Maryland Enterprise Zone designation.  The zones help to revitalize communities, attract businesses and create jobs.  One of Executive Gardner’s top priorities has been creating jobs so people can live and work and raise their families in Frederick County.

“This designation will help attract investment and jobs to revitalize the City of Brunswick,” commented Executive Jan Gardner.  “I am pleased to partner to support job creation in Brunswick.” 

Executive Gardner expressed appreciation for the collaboration between the Frederick County Office of Economic Development and Brunswick officials in applying for the enterprise zone.  Brunswick Mayor Karin Tome and County Council Member Jerry Donald joined her at the briefing to discuss the positive impact the enterprise zone will have on local businesses and in stimulating economic vitality in the municipality.

The Maryland Department of Commerce announced that the City of Brunswick Enterprise Zone contains approximately 1,300 acres, surrounding the Main Street district and the business transitional district, as well as the commercial and industrial properties along Petersville and Souder roads.  Designating the city as an enterprise zone will encourage business attraction and investment while diversifying employment opportunities for the city’s 6,000 residents.  

According to the department, over the past five years, businesses in Maryland’s enterprise zones have made a total of $13.7 billion in capital investments.  

Visit to watch the week’s public information briefing.