A Month of Kite

Have you noticed BioBuzz’s featured employer of the month?... Kite!  Focused on the cure, Kite in Frederick County works on cell therapy options for cancer patients to treat tumors. They use CAR T-cell therapy, a process that reengineers a patient’s own immune cells to fight cancer.  Every “sample” matters, every “sample” goes back to the patient. 

The company’s mission, “to cure cancer”, attracts professionals that have a passion for the work they do at Kite and who are ready to rise to the challenge.  Kite is actively searching for talent and have partnered with BioBuzz to share their amazing story.   "When a company like Kite plants their roots in your community, the opportunity presented becomes a force-multiplier” shared Adam Van Bavel, BioBuzz Head of Business Development.

BioBuzz will continue to feature Kite for the rest of this month, sharing stories and job opportunities.  For more information on Kite and BioBuzz, please visit https://biobuzz.io/kite-featured-employer/