A Look at TEFELEN, a Phoenix Mecano Company's New and Unique High-Tech Product

Creating a new and innovative product to replace traditional electrical cabling systems is exactly what TEFELEN, a Phoenix Mecano partner company, will be doing at their facility in Frederick, Maryland. TEFELEN held their grand opening with Phoenix Mecano in October 2018 to manufacture resin insulated Busbar and Bus Pipe for electrical distribution systems. This new and innovative product is designed to replace traditional electrical cabling systems. There is no other company in the U.S. that manufactures a product of this caliber.

Headquartered in Frederick and employing 83 people, Phoenix Mecano is the North American manufacturer of the Swiss-based holding company Phoenix Mecano Group.  As a leader in the enclosures and industrial components segments, Phoenix Mecano was recently honored for being one of Maryland’s Manufacturing Champions by the Regional Manufacturing Institute.  At the Phoenix Mecano facility, TEFELEN will manufacture resin Busbar and Bus Pipe systems which will be used throughout the United States. The product will serve a multitude of industries including power plants, substations, shipyards, renewables and much more. 

TEFELEN will be presenting their product to the United States Navy for consideration to use on all Navy ships.  The Bus Pipe has the potential to replace current cabling systems which would significantly reduce cost, weight and would increase their floor space. Helen Propheter, director of the Frederick County Office of Economic Development said, “We are very excited about Phoenix Mecano and TEFELEN’S partnership and applaud TEFELEN for being the first American company that will be manufacturing an innovative solution in the field of low and medium voltage power solutions. The product has many uses for different industries and we are glad to have TEFELEN located in Frederick and look forward to their future.”

Phoenix Mecano and TEFELEN are located at 7330 Executive Way, Frederick, MD 21704. For more information on Phoenix Mecano, please visit their website www.phoenixmecano.com and TEFELEN at www.tefelen.com