118 N. Market St. Update: What's Going on at the Downtown Innovation and Cultivation Center?

A new name for the building, executed leases and a new face to greet you when you come see us, all of this is currently in the works at 118 N. Market Street.

The Frederick County Chamber of Commerce is just a few weeks away from receiving their keys to their new space and their plan is to move during the month of May with an open to the public date of June 1.

Construction is in full swing on the first floor where the new home of the Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc (FITCI)’s technology incubator will be. An exciting modern design is underway with walls getting ready to go up soon. FITCI is planning on moving in around the end of 2017 and being open for business in the beginning of 2018. FITCI is also in the process of renaming and rebranding itself diff1st floor FITCI under constructionerently. 

Over the last several months, OED has coordinated with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Maryland Women’s Business Center (WBC) and SCORE to make sure under the umbrella of Economic Development, this Center will have a menu of start-up, entrepreneur and small business services. All of these organizations can be accessed through OED with the unveiling of a new workshop that gives an overview of their services and new trainings under this roof.

We are currently working with a branding company to help name and brand the entire building. We’re looking for a name that is as cool as the location and creates an understanding with just one word of the mission of the building and the role that each tenant plays within the building’s mission. More to come on this new name!

We recently selected a new person to be “the face of the building”, an important role as this position will greet all customers to the building, assist in directing them to the right organization or event, and will be a problem solver for customers who are working with FITCI on the first floor. Between this person’s start date and when FITCI moves into the building, this person will work with all of the tenants to better understand their services and know the staff that work with each tenant.

The Frederick County Office of Economic Development is really looking forward to welcoming everyone to the building and working with each tenant to create new and exciting partnerships for the businesses in our community.